8 distinctions not enough to study medicine | Letter from South Africa

23 Jan

The following is a translation of an Afrikaans letter published in Die Burger, 22 January 2020

Dirk Spangenberg, Bellville.

Our daughter received her matric results two weeks ago. She achieved 8 distinctions and an average mark of 90%. She also achieved Western Province colours in two sports in her matric year. She was in the student body of a quality school and was part of many community outreach programs, and did Xhosa courses. 

Still, after the champagne cork was popped, and the successes were celebrated, I had to wipe the tears from my daughter's eyes because she did not receive acceptance to study medicine. Her passion was to become a pediatrician, and this is why she worked so hard. 

What do you tell your child when this happens? How do you remain positive and support #wearestaying when your dreams are being crushed by a system of injustice, possibly the same system that is supposed to provide us National Health Insurance? 

Sadly I do not have the means to send her overseas to continue her studies and now have to find comfort in the fact that she could not have done more than what she already has. 

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