INCOMING TRANSMISSION: Gun Rights Protest Planned - South Africa

27 Jan

Gun Owners South Africa has posted the following event on Facebook.

The event is scheduled to happen at parliament, Cape Town South Africa on March 18, 2020, the same date as the parliamentary firearms summit. 

It reads:

"The upcoming march is crucial for all to attend. Most times, as in our nature, we tend to let others face the music on our behalf and embrace outcome if and when it suits us or not. Every single legal firearm owner and citizen must understand that this scheduled march is one for your freedom. Not only to own firearms for whatever legal use but more so to ensure your God-given right to life to choose to own firearms or not. I do not wish to delve on the disarming ideology as such is has very well been documented since 1992. Read the Goldstone Commissions reports and the Malan Accords.

My point is: If you fail to be part of this opportunity to make a difference then I assure you that you will lose your constitutional rights. More important is to not just be a keyboard warrior but a conscientious doer getting actively involved in any way you can. If this wake-up call does not get you to stand up and be counted then you will have to face the consequences of your inaction.

Remember, if you consider negotiating your rights you have lost such. If you do nothing and leave it to others to do so for you without active involvement, you do not deserve your rights. Doing nothing is deemed endorsing this evil. For such evil and inequalities to flourish and prevail it means you do nothing and by default accept and agree. Let that sink in.

I do recommend that we all:

· Join like-minded firearm groups and organizations and engage people that have your rights at heart and share the same passion.

· Contribute till it hurts. (Be willing to contribute your time, effort, money, knowledge) Just find a way to do something that will make a difference.

· Write letters of discontent to your local and national media. Google their addresses.

· Write letters of discontent to your MP and/or political representatives.

· Become knowledgeable on your rights and the governing laws encroaching on said rights.

· Research factually and use such as a reference to state and corroborate your case.

· Always be responsible and keep emotion out of it when communicating on the matter, regardless.

· Last but not least, do not give anti-gun zealots airtime by constantly honoring their names in public. Be creative in your communications.

This note is not to offend or marginalize anyone but merely to compound the gravity of the situation we are in. Fight for something or you will surely die for nothing. It takes one pebble to start a landslide. Molon Labe! "

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