Replatformed, and reclaiming the social network.

03 Jan

Dear reader.

Welcome to my first entry, on a new platform.

For the last decade, I have enjoyed, the political discussions on Facebook, and other Social Media Platforms. 

These social media platforms, have been a great place to find like-minded individuals and have political discourse with people who disagree with you. 

But recently more and more of my friends, have been negatively affected by social media censorship, including myself. This happens because there are people who disagree with you and they resort to mass flagging your social media platforms, and they end up destroying hours of work you may have put into a youtube channel, or a Facebook page. South African Cartoonist Jerm has recently lost a 60 000 Facebook following due to mass flagging by people who don't politically agree with him.

More critically, social media have become so weaponized, that real-life consequences may occur in your life for having the wrong opinions. On the one hand, social media itself does not truly represent reality, on the other we have become so dependent on these platforms that it has become the prime source of communication for people. 

Now I have never had a blog. I never thought I would require one, never thought that I would have something meaningful to say. But after suffering my recent Facebook ban of 2 months, people have been contacting me to ask me, where am I? Where are your funny memes? And I can't respond, because I don't have their contact details. So I have to resort to asking friends to contact them on my behalf to respond to them and get their contact details. Facebook, is for me no longer convenient for communication, and since I am a rebel, I can't resist having an outlet in some form or another. 

So I made a decision, to adapt my expression, networks, to slowly but surely make myself deplatform-proof.

To exchange my Facebook, for a phone book. To see these sites, as just unreliable tools, a radio-jammed signal.

Social Networking will now be meeting people for face to face conversations.

Social networking sites will not be building movements of free thought anymore but freedom will always find a way.

So if you are familiar with my work on social media I would encourage you to sign up to the newsletter on this site, because what matters are real-life networks.

If you run into the same problem as me, put your eggs in more than one basket, as much as you can.

Because anything can be interpreted as hatespeech if the internet mobs deem it to be. 

You can be censored, even if you were not political. 

Best Wishes

Christoff Smuts


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