Tender-Watch: Make Tender Cash Flow Transparent to all
Tenders are here to stay.

Let us build a website that monitors the winners of tenders.

1. We keep a list of Winners.
2. We monitor their projects.
3. We also monitor the cash(where it went for what)
4. NB: We monitor the progress of the project.

I'm leaving out many things that I think are important(I need input for this).

How is this possible?

We can create a website that will resemble a Scrum board like so:

The details of each Winner has to be stored on another page with all the details for ease of access.

To me, this helps in holding people accountable for corruption.
Let's fight until this is part of the law for transparency.
Should we look at a standing tender, or track a new tender from its beginning and start small? 
In the Scrum Board, a project will be placed on the "In Progress" status.

We should be able to "Red-Flag " the "Project Task" at any particular stage...ie "In Progress" or whatever stage we have to introduce.

As for Tenders not yet awarded, they should be in the "Back-log" which will make it easy to monitor.